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About Four-Leaf Clover


I am Sayuri, a healing practitioner based in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Once or twice a month, Four Leaf Clover organises events in Karuizawa where visitors can talk and ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere on a variety of topics, such as relationship problems, life paths and the mysteries of the universe in a relaxed atmosphere.

Everyone wants to know "Who am I?" Where did I come from?" Where am I going?" The answers to these questions mean the truth about the universe and human beings.

On the basis of 'metaphysics', which has been secretly handed down since time immemorial and in which the answers to these questions are hidden, we offer a diverse range of different programmes, including an ancient healing which was opened to the public at the end of the 20th century.





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Healing Practitioner

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Modern Mystery School certified healer

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